This site is run by private individual as a hobby and as such there is no real reason to collect and process personal visitor data for intentional analysis.

There are two cases where personal data from visitor is collected:

  • If visitor decides to leave a comment. In such case name and e-mail address is logged to the comment. For security reasons IP address is also logged, and is removed from comment after 30 days of comment approval. Visitor does not have to use real, personally identifiable name or any e-mail address when adding comment if oneself chooses not to;
  • When visitor views any page on the server,  log entries for those HTTP requests containing visitor IP address are written for security purposes and these logs are removed after 30 days.

This site does not use tracking cookies or analytics tools and the owner tries his best to remove any external services that does visitor tracking.

All personally identifiable content posted on this site was either posted with permission from identifiable person or based on legitimate interests.


If You have some privacy concerns, please contact the owner and administrator of the site by e-mail: privacy [at] janhouse [dot] lv