Upgrades to announcement system

Some of you know that there are times when release announcements for certain download sources stop appearing for some reason. Mostly it is because the announcer gets banned from the announcement channel or there are some other problems with the feed.
I promised that I would make it possible for you to help with announcing. And so I did!

I made some changes so you could help with passing announcements from your box to the tuper-server, that then sends them out to every connected user.
This way you will get the announcements sooner than before (at least for some sources) and they will keep coming even if some boxes get problems.

Those who want to help out, please contact me. I will give your uploader account permission to send release announcements and help you with setting up the necessary scripts.

Also, to make sure that releases get announced only once, I am now storing announcement history, so you will be able to check the history easily.

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