FTP and file feature for auto uploader

Few days ago FTP feature was added to the uploader. It means that any files/folders can be easily added to the uploader’s database. This allows using FTP servers and other sources to auto upload to your tracker (or maybe even upload to some other FTP servers).

So basically you can make it work in any way you want now. FTP to Tracker, Tracker to Tracker, Tracker to FTP, FTP to FTP or even make it work with direct files on the web.

Those of you who already have the access to the new Wiki for the Uploader, can look there for information on setting it up.

I’ll keep making this new FTP thing better so any feedback is welcome in the bugtracker’s forum. šŸ™‚

From the shiny features, automatic screenshot grabber script for videos is left to port to V3.

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