Automatic movie screenshot maker for Auto Uploader

I have finally found some time to make new features for the Auto Uploader.

So, the Thumbnailer is finally here.


  • Creates video thumbnails (single shots and joined timelapse);
  • Creates thumbnails even if video file is packed inside .rar archive (Linux only);
  • Skips sample files;
  • Extracts basic information about video file (resolution, codec, bitrate, etc.);
  • Automatically uploads created images to public image hosting sites and creates BBCode;
  • Can be fine tuned any way you want.

I am providing this as an external module for the Uploader.

If you want to get it, feel free to contact me. šŸ™‚


Generating and uploading screenshots:

Generating screenshots:

I am going to upload a better video once I set up the new version on some tracker.

Following screenshot demonstrates BBCode generated by the Uploader:

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  1. I like it verrry nuch and i want to have it! I am a uploader and i think it’s very usefull!Thank you in advance!:)

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