Auto-uploader v3

A bit later than I expected but it is available for testing in the new tuper-v3 repository on my SVN server. Use your old usernames and passwords to get access to it.

I did rewrite most of the code and changed the way it works.

  • The new auto-uploader client (announce-client) process keeps running in the background and gets announcements from main auto-uploader server. This means that there is no need for IRSSI anymore (unless you really want to use it).
  • Possibly it is also slightly faster since most of the needed modules are kept loaded while announce-client process is running.
  • Multiple commands are executed asynchronously in separate worker processes.
  • Announce-client locally listens for incoming connections so you can still pass commands to it manually. (Detailed documentation about communication with announce-client will be added to repository later this week.) You can use this to make your own custom extensions.

Next updates:

  • Better support for uTorrent. (Teach Eliminator to use uTorrent API.)
  • FTP auto-upload (or should I say auto-download from FTP, auto-upload to tracker).
  • Setup wizard for Windows users.
  • Update “Uploader” section in my webpage, make it show v3 changelog.

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  1. How can I get this?….and how much?

    A wizard for Windows sounds great. I tried v2 and no success on Server 2008 with the install.

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