Updating my site

When I set this page up I knew I still had to do some changes to make it look good. Well, I did some changes! I know that I might have made it worse but it is only temporary and I plan to do more tweaking soon. 🙂

I added the new “Stuff” section where I’ll add links to some things I have made.

I also changed the “Special posts” thingie at the home page. I like the new one better, also the script is better (doesn’t make any weird glitches). First page now also looks better when opened with text-only browsers like lynx. Yes, I actually try to make my site viewable from browsers with no JavaScript and other things. 😀

I am looking for better themable Twitter plugin for wordpress that shows things I have retweeted, who retweeted them and maybe some information about new followers and people I am following. It takes time to make one so I hope to find one that is already out there. If you know anything like this, please leave a comment.

What are your suggestions?

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